Santoro Simon


Software Enthusiast, Developer, JavaScript Hacker.
Conception, Design, Implementation, Deployment, Optimization, Scaling and Maintenance for modern Web, Cloud and Mobile Applications, on premises and in the Cloud.

Current Area of Activity


Software Development

Operations / Networking


German Native language
Italian Native language
English Very good


01/01/2022 AI projects implementations.
01/01/2021 Project Manager in the Banking and Association Sector.
01/01/2017 Azure Cloud Architect. Support internal and external collaborators in the implementation of complex systems making sure the correct Azure resources are used for the job.
11/11/2016 Speaker at the South Tyrolian Free Software Conference 2016 SFScon-LinuxDay): Javascript Libraries
01/01/2015 New OpenKAT: Cadastral Services
01/01/2014 Project Wave: Courses and Further Education in South Tyrol
01/06/2012 Analysis and Design of the LEXAM application for bilingualism tests in South Tyrol
01/06/2011 Analysis and Design of SPORTELLO: Application for Dept. 38: Mobility​
01/01/2011 Work on the project Unified Income and Assets Declaration - EEVE: Declaration of economic situation that the citizen must present to request benefits or tariff advantages in the social and health sector. ​
01/06/2010 Work on the Microfilmmanager project for the digitization of South Tyrol's cadastral extracts
01/01/2010 Create and develop guidelines for software development security
01/01/2008 Software and Functional Architect in the e-Government area for the South Tyrolean State Administration - Conception and implementation of a SOA.
20/07/2007 Software Architect in the Social Welfare area
01/01/2007 Testing and evaluation of new technologies
01/01/2006 Develop various Windows Mobile 2005 applications with C# .NET.
03/06/2005 Develop a web-based time tracking application with Ruby on Rails.
28/11/2004 Speaker at the South Tyrolian Free Software Conference 2004 (SFScon-LinuxDay): Linux Powered Car - Linux in the Car.
14/06/2004 MCP Certified - Developing and Implementing Windows-based Applications with Microsoft Visual C# .NET and Microsoft Visual Studio .NET.
20/10/2003 Learn and gain experience with C# .NET and Winforms in various areas.
11/07/2001 Employment at the South Tyrolean Informatics AG (SIAG) as an IT programmer. Work with Powerbuilder, Oracle, Visual Basic on the creation of software for the Internal Administration of SIAG projects and services. Creation of the invoicing software for 20 nursing homes and Integrated Applications for Social Services in South Tyrol with ORACLE, XML, XSLT, PL / SQL, Powerbuilder, Apache.
07/07/2001 High School Diploma at the Gewerbeoberschule I.T.I. “G. Galilei” in Bolzano - Electronics and Telecommunications.
15/08/1998 4 months in York (England) as an exchange student.
15/06/1980 born in Bolzano (South Tyrol - Italy).


Developing software and innovative solutions in leisure time, movies, climbing, ski touring, running.

Some of my projects bash script to encrypt data using a users ssh public key
gitlit A gui for Git LFS file locks
minifyfromhtml a node module that minifies scripts and css starting from an html file.
ejs-render-remote Render remote ejs templates.
secure-random-string a node module that generates a secure random string with a given length
xsddoc Simple xml stylesheet (xslt) that creats pretty tables for elements in an xsd file
pwgen reloaded Password generator for firefox