Simons stuff

Incremental backups with rsync

If you have to do backups by hand, you will never have a backup

WPC 2023

Nato con la prestigiosa Mondadori Informatica Education, WPC è l’appuntamento formativo di riferimento da oltre 25 anni per tutti coloro che lavorano e collaborano nel mondo IT.

Setting up Dovecot and Roundcube with Azure Active Directory B2C

It can be done

Setting up Dovecot with Fetchmail and SpamAssassin

No procmail needed!

Streaming only PostgreSQL replication

Quickly create a realtime updated, read only clone of your production DB

QCon London 2017 takeaway points

Had the pleasure to attend QCon London this year. My takeaway points.

Look ma, no framework!

I really like making web apps. So I thought I could write down how I do it. Maybe someone likes it.